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Terms for Learning Centers

* MTSTS-MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SOCIETY) authorization is temporary & for self-employment activity. * MTSTS-MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SOCIETY is not responsible for any financial activity with my training center. * Training center not use of the authorization name out of the ATC area permitted by MTSTS. * Training center not use MTSTS-MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SOCIETY name and logo on their private certifications/Mark list and other official documents without permission from MTSTS (MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SOCIETY) * If training center is found for misuse of the name and logo of the MTSTS-MAHARASHTRA TECHNICAL AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SOCIETY then MTSTS will cancel my authorization without any legal notice or instructions and taking legal action against Training center. * Training Center not appoint any sub- branch under one Center for MTSTS certifications * Training center must follow the RULES & REGULATIONS as on now & amended in future applicable to the Institute conducting MTSTS Courses, courses explained in the Prospectus for * After registering and Approval from MTSTS this website center will receive an email on your registered mail ID containing login details. You are required to login by these details and you are required to upload scanned documents from their logins * MTSTS all certifications & courses are for private employment only * MTSTS reserves the rights to cancel or temperory hold Learning center approval MTSTS online examination method conduct through exam.mtsts.org portal. The Final hard copy of the certifications are dispatched by MTSTS on learning center address. * MTSTS shall charge nominal examination fee which includes student registration process, fees management system, online examination, paper based examination, offline or practical examination and other such services. * MTSTS offers many computers professional skill development short term courses for students and franchisee business. Learning center not allowed to run their own courses slimier as per government syllabus or course name. * The Franchisee shall be solely responsible (whether it is required to specify the requirement of infrastructure, software license , hardware, staff, tools, etc.) towards conducting and sharing of the said course material with its students. It is responsibility of franchisee to purchase/lend and maintain the requirements at its own cost. MTSTS will not bear any cost for the same, whatsoever.

For more information whatsapp message on - 9975327900 | or mail us on info@mtsts.org